How our presses work?

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Screw presses in our offer are continuous presses and are used for dewatering materials. Specially designed screw applies pressure to the material by continuously and gradually reducing its volume and pushing it towards the walls of the sieve and press head. Due to pressure, water is removed, i.e., sieved through the perforated sieve, and it gravitationally flows into a collector, from which it is drained. Adjustable pneumatic or hydraulic mechanism, which provides resistance to the screw  to make it difficult discharge material and increase the pressing effect, is located at the press head. The material discharged under the screw pressure from the press is called cake. These presses are used for pressing fruit and vegetable waste, egg shells, olive and coffee waste, waste from canned food and starch factories, corn pulp, manure, chicken manure, etc.

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Capacity:  130-80.000 kg/h





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