LNTD REPowerGreen through pictures and words

Lestos and Turkulov: Goals, History, Markets, Competition

LNTD REPowerGreen is dedicated to:

  1. Advancing the technology
  2. Having fun
  3. Making enough money to carry us through the bad times

Historical background

In 1929, Mr. Lestos produced the first steam boiler. In 1954, 800 km away, a young engineer, Mr. Turkulov, led the erection of the first post-war sunflower oil factory. Many years later, in 2013, some other generations started cooperating. The result of this cooperation is LNTD REPowerGreen. In fact, the parents of LNTD REPowerGreen are Hephaestus Group Europe and Turkulov Know-How, whose references we take over. Mutual generational engineering experience and excellent production capacities have resulted in a number of successful and unique projects.

Market Segments

LNTD REPowerGreen provides complete boiler systems, according to the principle of know-how and turn-key for large, medium and small industrial systems. In addition, it deals with other services in all phases of the project, such as:


  • Production of process equipment and boilers
    • Project management
    • Solution provider management
    • System integrator management
    • Engineering and reengineering
    • Assistance in choosing technical and technological solutions
    • Consulting services
    • Design or election of designer
    • Development of technical and technological solutions
    • Selection of contractors and contracting
    • Production of equipment
    • Monitoring of project implementation
    • Commissioning
    • Training of workers
    • All intermediate stages in the project and the like.

Sales and distribution

We prefer direct sales of our services and equipment. Many years of experience have shown us that no one can take care of our customers better than us. For what we know someone else knows better than us, we will always hire that other expert.


 There are several quality regional companies that can compete with us when it comes to standard applications. There are also several good companies from the EU that do excellent work with non-standard applications. None of these firms have experience in an extremely wide range of applications like LNTD REPowerGreen or can complete them within our financial limits.


Through parent companies, LNTD REPowerGreen operates with around 40 full-time employees. Through the consortium partners, the number of employees is over 100 people. We also outsource several top experts, who are full-time professors or assistant professors at technical universities. We generally have a positive attitude and good experience with outsourcing.

Facilities and equipment

The parent companies have shop floors of 5,000 m2, as well as a plot of about 10,000 m2, which is enough for our volume of delivery. Also, our consortium partners own over 6,000 m2 of shop floors. The production facilities are equipped with modern machines and new ones are constantly being purchased. The mechanization is adapted to the work we do and rarely needs to be rented from someone.

Growth Opportunities


The current energy crisis, as well as the ever-increasing level of awareness about ecology, open up the possibility of growth. We can see this from the interest of new clients and the number of inquiries, which is on the rise. On the other hand, each of our projects is very specific and different from case to case. There is no possibility of serial solution and production. The scope of the project requires various skills and specialties, primarily in knowledge, and then in production. Under the pressure of globalization, many engineering and companies specialized in individual production in Europe have closed down in previous decades. There are not enough quality experts for special requirements. So, it is not easy to find subcontractors who can keep up with us, if we grow too much. For this reason, we accept only as many jobs as we are sure we can complete with our experts, our long-term subcontractors, and external individuals.
The need for growth is 100%, and if we manage to expand our capacities by 20-30% annually, we will consider that we have succeeded.

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