N-P-K Fertilizers Factory

Urea, AN, KAN, 15- 15-15, 8-12-24, Ammonium Nitrate, Potassium, Phosphorus, Nitrogen

Fertilizers factory

Fertilizer factories manufacture synthetic fertilizers that are used for supplemental fertilization of plants in agriculture. These are most often NPK fertilizers. N – nitrogen, P – phosphorus, and K – Potassium. Depending on plant supplemental fertilization requirements and soil type, fertilizers can be different combinations of these chemical elements – NP, NK, or PK. Also, these fertilizers are often supplemented with some micro-elements indispensable for better yield. When we say “NPK,” we most often refer to a granulated fertilizer, although NPK is also manufactured in a liquid state, as needed.

An extremely challenging project, which lasted one year. The investor bought a complete factory for the production of NPK fertilizers using the Turn-Key system from Germany. The production, i.e., granulation process was not chemical, but mechanical and was carried out using rotary presses. The factory never worked in its original design. After the first stage of reengineering, we reached half of the design capacity of 300 t/day. In the second phase, some more changes in technology were made and we achieved the design capacity of 600 t/day. The initial investment cost 19 million euros. Reengineering was done in parallel with the production of fertilizers. An additional 2 million euros was spent to make the investor satisfied.