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Here are three examples:

1. Our client produces canned food, mostly sweet corn. After separating the corn grain, leaves and cobs remain unused. He has 50,000 t of this waste annually, which he returns to the seller from whom he bought the corn. At the same time, he buys steam from the heating plant, 8 t/h, which he needs for production and processing in the canned food factory. Our client knows that the cob and the leaf are biomass, but he does not know how to make the energy needed for his own production from this waste, which contains 82% of water.

Solved; the payback took 2 years, after that, they no longer had to pay for steam or fuel.

2. The sunflower oil factory with a capacity of 300 t/day uses sunflower husk left over from production for its own production. Regardless of the fact that it uses part of the husk for its needs, it has an annual surplus of 6,500 tons. Due to the low-density, transportation is very expensive. The local garbage dump charges for removal per cubic meter every week.

Solved. In agreement with the local community, the problem was solved to the satisfaction of the factory and the local community. The payback period was 4 years.

3. The soybean processing plant has a silo with the capacity of 120,000 tons, and 200,000 tons pass through their silos annually. Due to dust and breakage during handling, the filters separate about 1400 t of silo waste annually. The waste is of organic origin, and organic dust is known to be flammable and explosive. The factory pays the local garbage dump to take away the "hazardous material".

Solved within the factory itself. The payback was 4 months.

If you have similar problems, then you are in the right place. These are real examples from practice.

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